BREAKING: Kansas Abortionist Shot, Killed at Church

Promoted from the diaries by Neil Stevens, with a comment: This is apparently not the first time George Tiller has been shot at. He was shot in both arms back in 1993. He also has a history of flouting sensible regulation and oversight on abortion, in a quest to perform as many late-term abortions as possible.

Because of that, combined with the fact that reports say there were steps taken to cut out security cameras, I find it highly likely that this was a politically-motivated shooting. It is entirely the wrong thing to do though, achieves nothing to save lives, and must be prosecuted vigorously. The rule of law matters. After all, how could we even enforce abortion laws if we can’t enforce murder laws?

Abortionist shot and killed in Wichita, newspaper says.

Given the nature of this breaking news event, this post will not exceed the minimum threshold word count or supplemental analysis.

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