"Scareface" Waxman's Goose's Gander

The entire global warming movement depends on scare tactics.  Even if the supposition of a global calamity due to man-made global warming were true (and it’s not), this truth would depend on “fear” to sustain itself.

Today, former Vice President Al Gore — who puts the P-U back into “Pulitzer” — testified before Congress stressing the need for a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions in the United States.  The basis of his proposals was “fear.”  The supposed need for a carbon tax or cap and trade system is based on fear — fear of a world dramatically changed (for the worse is the assumption) in which the existence of the human species and other species are threatened.  This is the ultimate “scare tactic.”

So when former House Speaker Newt Gingrich follows Gore in testifying to the same committee today, what does committee chairman Henry Waxman say?

“When American people hear the statements you made today, they get scared…”

Gingrich was merely pointing out the economic consequences of a cap and trade system, which is a significant “tax” on every American who uses electricity.  Yet, according to chairman Waxman, Gore and the global warming crowd’s dire “sky is falling” warnings don’t scare people.

Perhaps the real issue here is the committee chair understands that heat melts candles.  If the earth warms, what will happen to the “Wax Man”?