Hugh Hewitt's "Mormon in the Fair Tax White House Fantasy"

I remember three years ago when I first discovered Hugh Hewitt’s radio show during my long drive home each evening.  It was a breath of fresh air.  Here was a highly intellectual conservative host dealing with substantive issues in a deep fashion.  His show became a high point of my day.

Then came the 2008 GOP Primaries.  Hugh wrote a book, A Mormon in the White House, and his radio show became a daily three hour promotional event geared toward getting Mitt Romney nominated as the GOP standard bearer.  Hugh began to lose his objectivity, turning into a fanatical cheer leader.  I tried to call him on a couple of occasions to ask him if he would deny that under any circumstance he would accept a position in a Romney administration.  It was that bad.  I stopped listening to him.

When the McCain nomination materialized, I started tuning into Hugh again and our “relationship” began to mend.  I found solace in his perspective on world and domestic issues through the lackluster McCain campaign and the early days of our collective Obama debacle.

But Hugh Hewitt has gone off the deep end again.  Fool me once, shame on Hugh.  Fool me twice, shame on me.

Hugh has now co-authored another book called The Fair Tax Fantasy.  Already Hugh is turning his show into a daily promotional tour.

Now I don’t mind Hugh or anyone making an argument against the Fair Tax or any other issue of substance.  The Fair Tax isn’t perfect, but I’m not going to defend the Fair Tax in this post. 

My point in this post is that Hugh’s endless self-promotion of his books and his extreme rhetoric only cause him to lose credibility.  He is far more effective when he is calm, deliberate and less prone to hyperbole and vitriol.  By listening to him, you’d think the Fair Tax was Satan incarnated.

Hugh, the Fair Tax may not be the perfect solution but it’s a better option than our current system.  The Flat Tax is a better option, too, but it’s not perfect either.  Let’s have a reasoned debate without denigrating either position.