Bank of AmerObama -- It's Here to Stay

Any talk of the federal bail out of troubled banks being a temporary act of the government can now be put to rest.


How many of you thought that once the troubled banks were stabilized, they would start repaying the government?  Well the government, it seems, doesn’t want the money back.  Even banks who didn’t want TARP money to begin with — and were forced to take it — can’t get Obama to take the money back.

The reason is obvious:  as long as the banks hold TARP funds, Obama can control the banks.  And control is what this President is all about.

I use to think we were just like the frog placed in the pot of gradually heated “socialism” water.  It’s really not that bad now…it’s worse.  Unlike the frog who doesn’t notice until he’s boiled, we know what’s happening.

The question is:  do we have the strength to jump out of the pot?  Our window of opportunity is closing as Obama gets closer to securing the lid on the pot.