BHAG's for the 2012 GOP Contenders

“BHAG’s”…or, “Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals” each of the early 2012 GOP Presidential prospects must do to significantly advance their cause:

1) Mike Huckabee: Win over the Club for Growth.

2) Sarah Palin: Somehow, through self-appointment or the 2010 election, become one of Alaska’s senators providing her with more exposure and involvement in national and international political issues.

3) Mitt Romney: Donate 80% of his fortune to the National Right to Life (or other similar pro-life groups). Seriously.

4) Bobby Jindal: Reduce Louisiana’s tax burden while balancing its budget for the next three years (and somehow avoid getting tainted by unfair scandals in his scandal-prone state).

5) Newt Gingrich: Take the Republican National Committee Chairmanship and lead the party to 2010 election gains of 25 seats in the House and 5 seats in the Senate.