Mr. Ed's Nayings (formerly Mr. Ed's Musings)

Random thoughts from an often warped mind…

  • Has anyone ever considered whether a progressive tax structure violates the Equal Establishment Clause of the Constitution?

  • And speaking of progressive taxes: wouldn’t a “flat rate tax” also be considered “progressive”? After all, if a flat rate tax of 20% were in effect, a household with income of $100,000 would pay $20,000 in taxes and a household with income of $40,000 would pay $8,000 in taxes. So even with a flat tax, higher income earners are paying more taxes than lower income earners. And isn’t that the point of a “progressive tax structure”?

  • Obama has stated several times in recent weeks that McCain is trying to “divide the country” with his campaign tactics. No, sir. The country is already divided. Even if you win a “landslide” victory, Mr. Obama, you will likely only have 55% to 57% of the country supporting you. The country will still be divided.

  • Q: What do you call observing a Bigfoot cleaning his yellow zucchini and his trendy wrist-worn timepiece?

    A: Watching a Sasquatch wash its squash and Swatch watch. (Say that ten times fast.)

  • Who determines when Easter is each year?

  • Commonly used misnomer: “Saving the Planet.” The “green” movement is not saving, nor can it save, the planet. What they’re really trying to do is “Save Humanity.” Barring a catastrophic collision with a gigantic comet or asteriod which obliterates the planet, the planet will continue to exist. The question is, will the planet exist in such a state as to sustain human life? That’s the real question. (Of course, my opinion is that climate change naturally occurs in cycles and there is very little, if anything, humans can do to affect or prevent these cycles. In fact, should we be trying to impact these natural cycles?)

  • Shouldn’t scientists be concerned about man’s effort to impact climate change? Even if human activity had an impact on the climate, isn’t such an impact considered the natural course of animal evolution (after, man is an animal, right?)? So isn’t the effort to stop climate change also an effort to stop evolution? Should we be interfering with the natural course of physical events in our world? I would think scientists would be alarmed at these efforts.

  • If the Phillies win a World Series, does it make a noise?

  • Someone should create a graph of the Obama Household Income Tax Cut Threshold. It would closely resemble a graph of the Dow Jones Industrial Average of the past three months. Both graphs would show similarly plunging lines. Both graphs should evoke a sense of “panic.”