"Lobbyists 'R Us"

For the record, I am not a lobbyist, have never been a lobbyist, and don’t even know a lobbyist.

But we all know that the most critical issue facing our country is the rampant expansion of the influence of special interest groups in our nation’s capital. Both campaigns constantly tout their plans to reform Washington, DC, by drastically reducing the influence of special interests.

I support this initiative, as a non-lobbyist. I invite my fellow non-lobbyists who agree with me to unite and fight the influence of all special interests. I am forming the National Association of Non-Lobbyists. Together we can fight the corruption of special interests. By uniting, NANL can more effectively promote its cause and have more impact than if it were to try to fight this cause as individuals.

With one voice, our national legislators will truly understand the magnitude of the corruption of special interest groups.

Join me today in this fight. Once NANL is formally established, we can elect our officers; the first paid position will be our Vice President of Government Relations. The rest of us will be volunteers. However, we’ll need an experienced government relations professional to adequately communicate our agenda to Congress, don’t you think?

If you know of anyone qualified for this role, let me know.

Thanks for your time.

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