Palin-RedState Hypocrisy

First let me say I think Governor Palin’s selection by John McCain is brilliant and masterful. I join thousands of other three-legged stool conservatives in being re-energized when I thought my presidential election energy was entirely spent. Based on McCain’s VP choice alone, I’ve donated to a presidential campaign for only the second time in my life.

The energetic and postive response to Palin from conservatives and RedState is outstanding and appropriate.

In my enthusiastic reflection, however, I can’t help but notice a number of similarities between Palin and another GOP presidential hopeful who was regularly — and often hatefully — disparaged by many here at RedState.

I’m talking about Governor Mike Huckabee.

Huckabee was blasted for raising taxes as Governor of Arkansas in order to improve a deteriorating state infrastructure. Palin did the same.

Huckabee was lambasted for alienating the state GOP leadership. Palin did the same.

Huckabee was criticized for reaching out to Democrats to pass important state legislation. Palin did the same.

Huckabee was denigrated for accepting an invitation to speak to a small state chapter of a labor union organization. Palin and her husband have both been active members of a labor union.

Huckabee was chided for having the audacity to attempt to reach out to non-traditional Republicans, Reagan Democrats and independents. Palin has done and will do the same.

Huckabee’s tenure as governor of a small state was described as lacking the foreign policy and defense credentials needed for high office. Palin’s credentials are quite similar.

Huckabee was derided as a “populist” wolf in sheep’s clothing. Palin rides a similar wave of populism.

Huckabee’s stance on creationism was ridiculed by the GOP elite. Palin’s creationism views are similar.

Now I’m not stupid enough to claim that Palin is nothing more than a Huckabee cross-dresser with better teeth. However I do find it curious that so many who crucified Huck here at RedState are swooning over Governor Palin. What’s good for the Moose is good for the Gander.