Trump And The New Know Nothings

In recent days a vocal number of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign supporters have elevated ignorance of election laws and nominating rules as some sort of badge of honor. Trump himself has likened ignorance to well-established rules as being some sort of perverse evidence of his “outsider” status.

It is instead evidence of willful know-nothing laziness.

Indeed, Donald Trump is running head-long into ownership of a new Know Nothing party.

That was the popular name of the “Native American Party” (which didn’t think much of the real native Americans, for what it’s worth). Operating in the mid-19th Century, they wanted to “purify” America by getting rid of those pesky Irishmen and Catholics. (That’d be people with names like Reagan, by the way.)

That Trump seems to attract white supremacists only adds to the similarities.

And like Trump in the 21st Century, the original Know Nothings were an off-shoot of the Democrats and were really big (yuuuge, even) into having their people take loyalty oaths. They also were, like Trump, quite the fan of big government – as long as it was big-government they were directing.

When Trump makes his inevitable bolt from the GOP, perhaps he’ll shun the “independent” label and embrace his leadership of the New Know Nothings.