Trump Is Stumped

Donald Trump has tried to make his ignorance a virtue. That might be a clever plot for a reality TV show, but it fails the governing smell test. Consider that before day one of a new administration, a president has to make approximately 6,000 hires.

For someone who claims he only hires the best, Trump’s campaign tells a different story. His team has failed to understand the delegate selection process in the several states, and then tried to play the victim when their own incompetence left them short.

Now consider that a number of those 6,000 hires are positions requiring confirmation by the United States Senate, and that they cannot be gotten rid of as easily as Corey Lewandowski when their incompetence gets exposed.

Nearly a year ago, Colorado’s Republican party decided to change their nominating process. Everyone who was paying attention knew this was going on (see the Aug. 25 Denver Post). Political parties have the innate right to determine their process for picking their nominees. This week, it suddenly dawned on Trump (and, apparently, Matt Drudge) that Colorado had taken this action.

Twitter has filled with rants from Trump supporters decrying how their vote had been stolen. Stolen? Come again? Nothing was stolen. Team Trump simply was too lazy or too incompetent to understand and participate in the process.

So imagine now what happens with a President Trump, whose 6,000 hires are as incompetently managed as his campaign staffing has been. What happens when Trump’s Secretary of State fails to understand the complexities of multinational treaties? What’s the result when his Secretary of Defense’s failure to attend key planning meetings results in US forces not being included in critical missions?

Remember, he cannot hire (or, in many cases, fire) 6,000 staffers on a whim.

The system is too complex for an autocrat, which is why his campaign is losing.

Trump is stumped by process, because Trump prefers a world where the rules don’t apply to him. In the sideshow that’s been Trump’s personal and professional life, that’s been the norm. On the world stage, his bombastic ignorance of the rules that govern life in the 21st Century is dangerous.

Of course, Donald Trump will never be president.