Democrat 'Super Delegate' System Is Old-Fashioned Totalitarianism

Totalitarians like the appearance of democratic systems even as they rule with an iron fist. It’s as true in the Democratic Party of the United States as in the communist parties of the Soviet Empire and Chavez’s Venezuela.

The Democrats let their voters pick anyone they want… but the winner will be decided by the party elite.

Bernie Sanders got 60 percent of the vote in New Hampshire’s Democratic Primary, but he’s getting only 13 delegates compared to Hillary Clintons 15.

That’s what the Democrats’ “super delegate” system is all about. It ensures the rabble don’t get to actually pick their presidential nominee. That choice, apparently, is too important for mere mortals, so the DEM elites — labor union bosses and the like — have “super delegate” status to check the people.

For a party that claims to champion equality and democracy, the Democrats super delegate is nothing but old-fashion totalitarianism.