Most Pathetic Generation

Reading this weekend in the Telegraph about the new wave of political correctness sweeping over our colleges and universities, and I couldn’t help but feel worried for the future of our nation. The creation of “safe zones” on college campuses, where thought police and Play-Doh soothe the nerves of this generation’s exceptional snowflakes when confronted with new ideas, is a sad indictment of our effete culture.

Where the 1960s saw students protest on college campuses for Civil Rights, today’s collegians are demanding exemption from course materials that might offend them.

Their great-grandfathers stormed Normandy under Nazi fire; today’s 20-yearr-olds are traumatized by reading The Great Gatsby… Those men and women who came to age in the early 1940s are rightly known as the Greatest Generation. Today’s might well be regarded as the Most Pathetic.

But to be fair, the intellectual and moral fragility of today’s college students is little more than the predictable result of helicopter parents living in a culture that finds it acceptable to delay childhood into the late twenties.

These thumb-sucking collegians are the end-product of a public school system that prefers to label and medicate, rather than engage and educate. Victimhood is exulted and freedom is extinguished. And in such an environment no one, ultimately, is safe.