Richie Rich For The Democrats

Driving to lunch yesterday I saw a Mercedes S-Class sporting a Bernie Sanders for president bumper sticker. It reminded me that only the rich can afford to be socialists.

Reflecting on it, I remembered my first visit to Boulder, CO, back in 2001. I was warned by a friend to be weary of the aggressive panhandlers. Sure enough, the first evening in town some colleagues and I were walking along Pearl Street when a young guy started harassing us for money.

He made a big deal about being hungry and cold. I told him to get lost. He got agitated, yelled at us because we didn’t “care” about the plight of the poor. Begged us to reconsidered. We finally reached a cross street, where he yelled a profanity… then took out his car keys and got in a new-looking BMW.

I later learned that it had become the trendy thing for well-healed University of Colorado students there in Boulder to adopt a homeless persona and go beg on the streets. It allegedly let them feel greater empathy for the plight of the downtrodden. Or something.


Those who never out-grew their panhandling-for-social-justice activities no doubt now support Democrats for office. They want to tax (others) into oblivion and adopt European-stule policies that all but end upward economic mobility.

Only the rich can afford to be socialists, or to live with the consequences of socialism.