Empowering Texans By Restoring Justice

Who should our system of justice serve, the government or the citizenry? The answer seems obvious. Yet in too many real and practical ways, the justice system of the 21st century has devolved into one more focused on serving itself than serving the people.

In Texas and around the nation, the “justice” system seems more interested in padding the pockets of bureaucracies than in healing communities ripped apart by crime. We see “crimes” created that appear to be designed to enhance government revenues rather than protect the populace.

It’s time to restore justice.

To that end, we’re proud to launch a new project called Restore Justice (www.RestoreJusticeUSA.com).

This new enterprise will be focused on the over-criminalization of business and daily life, and especially the abuses of civil asset forfeiture laws where property is being confiscated without the owner ever being charged with a crime.

This project will work with citizens to find new ways to bring transparency to our justice system so it serves the people.

Leading the effort will be Lawrence B. Jones III. He’s an activist’s activist and nationally known commentator thanks to his continuing work with radio powerhouse Glenn Beck and TheBlaze network.

“Texans have taken important steps in bringing needed reforms to the state’s criminal justice system,” said Lawrence in today’s press release. “More needs to be done to ensure we have an efficient system that serves the people and not the bureaucracy.”

Lawrence will be telling the stories of those who have been abused by the status quo, and victimized by a system that too often serves itself. He’ll also be highlighting the work of men and women from across the political spectrum who are joining forces to make our system of justice truly just.

Like all other areas of government, our justice system should be held to high standards of sound fiscal policy, and help restore communities by making decisions that empower citizens.

[This article was originally posted at EmpowerTexans.com.]