Straus' Dirty Tricks

Whether it’s on the floor or the campaign trail, the ruling cartel in the Texas House loves dirty tricks. The coalition of Democrats and liberal Republicans do anything they can to thwart the commonsense reforms Texans want in state government.

We saw it over and over again last session. Such as when the chairman of the Appropriations Committee, John Otto (R-Dayton), refused to allow public testimony on a measure limiting the growth of government… because his version of the legislation let government agencies set their own limits.

And we saw it when the chairman of the Education Committee, Jimmie Don Aycock (R-Killeen), killed substantive education reforms championed by conservatives. And when the State Affairs Committee chairman, Byron Cook (R-Corsicana), killed the measure ending the collusions between labor unions and government bureaucracies, which was favored by the business community and the Republican Party of Texas.

And when liberal Republican Debbie Riddle of Houston joined the Democrats in killing the “American Law for American Courts” measure, along with important pro-life legislation, on the Calendars Committee.

But their duplicity doesn’t end in the legislative process. Last week, an employee of House Speaker Joe Straus (R-San Antonio) was allegedly caught stealing campaign literature left by one of Straus’ Republican primary opponents.

Straus currently represents House District 121 in Bexar County. Jeff Judson and Sheila Bean are challenging him for the GOP nomination

In a Facebook post complete with pictures of the perpetrator, Judson wrote:

“ALERT: Joe Straus’ dirty tactics continue! Today one of my volunteers caught a Joe Straus campaign staffer stealing my campaign literature off voters’ doorsteps… redhanded. My volunteer confronted the culprit and he showed the stolen literature before he fled.”

Just like Straus and his cronies worked to keep as much conservative legislation off the floor of the Texas House as possible, it would appear Straus’ campaign doesn’t want voters knowing anything about his primary opposition.

The dirty tricks, electorally and legislatively, will continue until Texas voters stop the perpetrators.