Texas Agency Wants To Silence Churches

In Texas’ legislative session this spring, the House leadership coalition of Democrats and liberal Republicans tried to pass unconstitutional legislation that would bully churches into silence and essentially revoke the First Amendment.

Legislation was pushed by House Speaker Joe Straus (R-San Antonio) and his top lieutenants like Byron Cook (R-Corsicana) and Charlie Geren (R–Fort Worth). Disgustingly, House members went along with their plans to silence citizens. (Click here to see who voted wrong; red Xs are votes against the First Amendment. Or see the list at the bottom.)

Fortunately, the Texas Senate refused to go along with what Gov. Greg Abbott called an “unconstitutional” effort.

Well, it turns out that the unethical crooks at the Texas Ethics Commission are already busy at work silencing churches in the Lone Star State. In fact, Straus’ appointee to the TEC, Democrat Paul Hobby of Houston, recently wrote at length on the state’s ethics laws, touching several times on the issue of how far his agency can go to regulate churches that choose to be engaged in their community.

You might recall how Houston’s liberal mayor, Annise Parker, used city resources this spring to attack churches that spoke against her “bathroom” ordinance requiring that businesses let men use women’s bathrooms, as part of her radical LGBT agenda.

Hobby and his merry band of speech regulators will be discussing this week their strategy to press against three Texas churches located in San Antonio and Houston. Those churches are under threat of being censored by Hobby and his pals because they want to speak out on actions that contradict their religious beliefs.

(Speaking of strange marriages… A Democrat consultant last week said Joe Straus’ speakership is a national model for how Democrats can control (and thwart) the conservative agenda.)

If your “Republican” state representative voted for the House leadership coalition, that’s what they voted for: silencing churches, attacking conservatives, abridging the First Amendment, and thwarting reform.

It’s time for a House cleaning in Texas.


Texas House members who voted to abridge First Amendment Rights:

Name House District Party
Gary VanDeaver 1 Republican
Byron Cook 8 Republican
John Wray 10 Republican
Travis Clardy 11 Republican
Kyle Kacal 12 Republican
John Raney 14 Republican
John Otto 18 Republican
Marsha Farney 20 Republican
Wayne Faircloth 23 Republican
Rick Miller 26 Republican
Ed Thompson 29 Republican
Todd Hunter 32 Republican
J.M. Lozano 43 Republican
John Kuempel 44 Republican
Paul Workman 47 Republican
Larry Gonzales 52 Republican
Jimmie Aycock 54 Republican
Trent Ashby 57 Republican
DeWayne Burns 58 Republican
J.D. Sheffield 59 Republican
Jim Keffer 60 Republican
Larry Phillips 62 Republican
Tan Parker 63 Republican
Ron Simmons 65 Republican
Drew Darby 72 Republican
Doug Miller 73 Republican
John Frullo 84 Republican
Walter Price 87 Republican
Ken King 88 Republican
Giovanni Capriglione 98 Republican
Charlie Geren 99 Republican
Linda Koop 102 Republican
Morgan Meyer 108 Republican
Angie Button 112 Republican
Cindy Burkett 113 Republican
Jason Villalba 114 Republican
Rick Galindo 117 Republican
Lyle Larson 122 Republican
Patricia Harless 126 Republican
Dan Huberty 127 Republican
Wayne Smith 128 Republican
Jim Murphy 133 Republican
Sarah Davis 134 Republican
Tony Dale 136 Republican
Debbie Riddle 150 Republican
Joe Deshotel 22 Democrat
Ron Reynolds 27 Democrat
Ryan Guillen 31 Democrat
Abel Herrero 34 Democrat
Oscar Longoria 35 Democrat
Sergio Muñoz 36 Democrat
René Oliveira 37 Democrat
Armando Martinez 39 Democrat
Terry Canales 40 Democrat
R.D. Guerra 41 Democrat
Richard Raymond 42 Democrat
Donna Howard 48 Democrat
Elliott Naishtat 49 Democrat
Celia Israel 50 Democrat
Eddie Rodriguez 51 Democrat
Poncho Nevárez 74 Democrat
Mary González 75 Democrat
Cesar Blanco 76 Democrat
Marisa Márquez 77 Democrat
Joseph Moody 78 Democrat
Joe Pickett 79 Democrat
Tracy King 80 Democrat
Ramon Romero 90 Democrat
Nicole Collier 95 Democrat
Eric Johnson 100 Democrat
Chris Turner 101 Democrat
Rafael Anchia 103 Democrat
Roberto Alonzo 104 Democrat
Helen Giddings 109 Democrat
Toni Rose 110 Democrat
Yvonne Davis 111 Democrat
Trey Fischer 116 Democrat
Joe Farias 118 Democrat
Roland Gutierrez 119 Democrat
Diego Bernal 123 Democrat
Ina Minjarez 124 Democrat
Justin Rodriguez 125 Democrat
Alma Allen 131 Democrat
Gene Wu 137 Democrat
Sylvester Turner 139 Democrat
Armando Walle 140 Democrat
Senfronia Thompson 141 Democrat
Ana Hernandez 143 Democrat
Carol Alvarado 145 Democrat
Borris Miles 146 Democrat
Garnet Coleman 147 Democrat
Jessica Farrar 148 Democrat
Hubert Vo 149 Democrat
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