WOW!!! John McCain really did an amazing job with his pick. I dropped my son off at school this am, came home and put on the news hoping to see the news that Mitt Romney had been named as McCain’s running-mate. I was greeted by the headline that McCain had made his choice (still unreleased) and it wasn’t Mitt. Being furious, I quickly ripped off a few text messages in time to see that it was rumored that Sarah Palin had been chosen. WHO? Obviously, I immediately searched her and, after reading a number of bios on her, fell in love.

Sarah Palin is perfect! I can’t believe what a brilliant choice she is for our next VP of the United States! Watching her introduction speech actually brought tears to my eyes; I am completely overwhelmed! Congrats to Sarah Palin and to John McCain who, I am certain, just won the election!

I love that Obama’s ridiculous DNC acceptance speech was completely forgotten in the wake of McCain’s announcement. I can’t wait to see Sarah Barracuda take on Biden in the VP debates.