Americans Must Demand Secure Borders

On the heals of President Obama’s announcement Tuesday that he is sending 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan, the discovery Wednesday of a large cross-border tunnel, extending from Mexico 860 feet into San Diego, reminded America how critical it is to secure its borders if it wants security from terrorist acts on American soil.

The discovered tunnel from Mexico to San Diego had lighting, electrical, ventilation systems and an elevator to move workers and supplies to depths reaching 100 feet.  Authorities estimate that the tunnel had been under construction for two years and was nearly complete.  The good news is that this tunnel had not yet been completed and hopefully had not yet been used for human trafficking or contraband.  The bad news is that this tunnel is likely one of many such tunnels that dot America’s porous borders with Canada and Mexico, through which thousands of humans and contraband move daily.

According to the Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan “fact tank,” there are approximately 12 million illegal aliens or “unauthorized immigrants” in America.  It is very difficult to get accurate data on the true number, which some say is 10 million and others say is 70 million.  Additionally, estimates indicate that 500,000 individuals enter the country illegally every year, which is difficult to comprehend if America’s borders are secure, and clearly they are not.

How is this happening and why is our government not protecting its citizens by securing its borders?  As Americans, we are entitled to security, which could be argued, is the most paramount of functions a government is to provide its citizenry, and without which many of the freedoms and liberties guaranteed to the people are meaningless.

Somehow, border security has shamelessly been linked to immigration policy in a way that allows political correctness to triumph over sound public policy and public safety.  Fortunately, America’s security from foreigners seeking to do it harm is a nonpartisan issue—Americans want and Americans are entitled to security, the bedrock function of any government.  There are immigration laws in place and as a nation of laws, which is what America is, these laws must be enforced and our borders must be secure, because our safety depends on it.

America has been relatively immune from terrorist attacks on its soil, relative to what other countries have endured and in light of America’s campaign abroad against terrorism, which tends to inflame anti-American hatred and instigate terrorist acts globally.  As Americans, enjoying the greatest freedoms and liberties on earth every day, we have difficulty grasping the likelihood of increased terrorism on our soil.  We are an optimistic, rational, thinking nation and we just cannot wrap our minds around the fact that people strap explosives to themselves and detonate them in public places, but they do, and they will some day do it here.  It is not a question of “if” but rather “when” will America be hit on its own soil.

We know that terrorists have already entered America illegally and are here living among us in sleeper cells.  They wouldn’t have difficulty joining the 500,000 illegal aliens that enter America annually, would they?  To think or hope they are not here in America living among us is naïve.  This is not fear-mongering, this is reality—America’s intentional unwillingness to secure its borders has been and continues to be an open invitation to terrorists to come to America, live among us and lie in wait.

The freedoms and liberties Americans enjoy are threatened, and they are nothing more than theoretical if our borders are not secure.  Of what value are freedom and liberty if they cannot be enjoyed by the citizenry?

What would happen if terrorists started bombing coffee shops, malls, schools or sports stadiums?  Remember how mortified people were when the Washington D.C. sniper, John Allen Muhammad, was randomly shooting people from what was later discovered to be the back of his automobile?  People were rightly afraid to leave their homes and engage in normal activity.  A greater climate of fear will grip this nation and paralyze it when terrorism occurs on American soil.  So in the meantime, just hope that everything is fine, plug your nose and look the other way as illegal aliens enter America, and wait . . .