Song For Sean Bielat

I think the Angels said it best:

How sad is that Barney Frank can’t muster one shill to do his dirty work for him?

Is the sense of entitlement so strong that our rulers have forgotten that they are elected? They have to run for office every so often and as such are responsible to the voters who elected them. I used to think that the Dems were the opposite, so much politicians that they forgot the existence of principles and the necessity to act from conviction. In Barney Frank’s case, it seems as though he is other than that. He is neither someone who acts from conscience or from political necessity but someone who acts from the belief that he is owed something, that he deserves to be in office but some facet of his character.

If I have one hope from the upcoming November elections it’s that the ruling class get a good look at the tumbrils. A few entrenched, entitled incumbents being unelected can only be a good thing for our nation, regardless of which party they belong to.