Surrounded by snakes

When I was a small child my parents had a Grade C dairy farm.  My mother would have me stand just inside the “Corn Crib”. The Corn Crib for you city folk  a room in the barn that contained the feed for the cattle as the cattle came running in fighting to be the first to be fed.  I was tiny the catter were big and didn’t care if they trampled me on the way to their feast.  One morning I went to the Corn Crib as usual.  My sisters already had the cattle coming into the barn as I stepped in.  That day I say two or three snakes in dark room and I stood there screaming for help.  My sisters laughed at me and wouldn’t listen.  I was screaming about “big worms”. The cattle were running in so I couldn’t run from the Corn Crib.  My mother was too far behind the cattle for me to get to her secure arms.  I had nightmares for years about that incident.  The nightmares stopped when I went to see of all things a snake show while on vacation in Florida.  That day I was surrounded by friends that understood my fears and helped me face being on the front row watching a snake have it’s venom “milked”.  With friends around me I realized that the snake could be controled and what the poison milked from the snake can be used to cure the serious bite of the snake. I haven’t had that horrible insecure feeling of being surrounded by snakes on one side and large greedy animals on the other for years.  I felt it again last night as I listened to the speech. I felt the laughter of people pointing at me but not listening and telling me my fears are not valid.  I felt the greed of those lusting after satisfaction.  I heard the hissing of the snakes.  The person trying to help me was tucked into the crowd and I couldn’t get help.


What I need is a group of friends to surround me.  I need that group of friends, fellow conservatives, to help me face the fear,  milk the venom from the snakes, turn it into a cure for the wounds.  I need the big greedy varmints fastened in a head gate so that I can walk among them without risk of being stomped into the ground, ignored, alone, and forgotten.


I’m just a small farmer, a mother of twins + one.  My lonely voice is not heard in Washington, D.C.

I cried and prayed after the speech last night.  I feel like I am once again caught up in a horrible nightmare.