Political Value of Party Unity

I sent the following email to RNC members on October 11, 2016.

Fellow RNC Members,

Despite his truly outrageous behavior, no more than five Democrats in the U.S. House voted for any of the four counts of impeachment against President Bill Clinton in 1998.  I don’t know of any Democrat who opposed the impeachment and suffered politically for it.

In 1974, many Republicans ran away from our party.  Fearful, they ran independently from our party and vied with each other over who could say the worst things denouncing former President Nixon.  Nevertheless, huge numbers of Republican seats were lost in the 1974 elections.

Now every principle we stand for is in mortal danger from a Hillary presidency.  A big majority of Republican voters now plans to vote for Donald Trump.  Party leaders and our elected officials who defect from our legitimately chosen presidential nominee not only help Hillary.  To the extent that they openly split our party, they will contribute to the defeat of Republican candidates at every level.

Democrats understand better the political value of party unity.


Morton Blackwell

Virginia Republican National Committeeman