Please join me in supporting Ted Cruz.

Dear fellow conservative,

Last November I wrote and circulated a piece to help conservatives, including me, decide on whom to support for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.

Whom we should unite for was not obvious to me then. Many presidential candidates were running who are more conservative than anyone the Republican Party has nominated for president since Ronald Reagan. Each of those candidates had the support of admirable conservative leaders and activists.

In the past several weeks, the presidential contest has clarified. I have decided to endorse Ted Cruz and to urge other serious conservatives to join me in supporting Cruz.

In the piece I wrote last November, which you can see here, I discussed several factors important to consider in making a choice.  Here they are:

  • Has the candidate a record of personal activism and leadership for conservative principles?
  • Is the candidate surrounded by people notable for their firm commitment to conservative principles?
  • Are the candidate’s currently stated policy positions solidly conservative?
  • Has the candidate ever continued to fight hard for conservative principles when it appeared to be a losing battle?
  • Does the candidate frequently reverse his or her positions on important issues?
  • Has the candidate built a record of helping conservative organizations and working to elect conservative candidates?
  • If elected, would the candidate melt when the heat is on?
  • Can the liberal media destroy any truly conservative presidential candidate?

Applying those questions and similar considerations to the current candidates and their campaigns, you and I should unite in support of a candidate who could win election and whom we believe would be the most determined and effective conservative president.

I believe that person is Sen. Ted Cruz.

He has consistently demonstrated his deep commitment to conservative principles. He works hard for those principles. He is very smart. He’s a world-class speaker. He has shown that he can raise the large amounts of money necessary to win the nomination and the November election.

Ted Cruz has famously organized what is probably the best national ground-game campaign. Supporters of some other candidates have focused largely on paid advertising that has a limited effect on identifying supporters and getting them to participate personally in caucuses and primaries.

Republican Presidents frequently have problems selecting federal judges and Supreme Court Justices who turn out to be reliably conservative on the bench. From personal experience, Ted knows much better than others the vital importance of this matter.

You and I can be confident that Ted Cruz will make superb judicial nominations.

The Democrats will almost certainly nominate a badly flawed candidate, a notorious, serial liar who is widely disliked and distrusted. Let’s take this opportunity to nominate and elect a Republican president who has the courage and skill to advance our conservative principles.

Like me, you have probably sensed that support for Ted is growing rapidly across the country. I hope and now expect him to win the nomination.

Please join me in supporting Ted Cruz.


Morton Blackwell
Virginia Republican National Committeeman

P.S. Feel free to circulate copies of this letter if you wish. — MCB