Carly Fiorina

The Presidential elections that have just barely begun, according to the left leaning media has already claimed its first victims.  Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson need not apply for the position.  The reason according to the NewYorker magazine is that they are not old white men.

The real question is whether the conservatives from Red State will exclude them?  It seems to be a habit of conservatives to destroy as many Republican candidates as they can before the media even gets the chance to destroy them with irrelevant political questions.  Too many candidates are labeled.  It is a tactic of the left to label your opponent as a racist, or homophobe, or as participating in a war against women.  Unfortunately, with a field of some of the most intelligent and decent people in American politics the Republican Presidential campaign represents the best of the political process.  The field is broad in its measure of diverse ideas.  Unlike the Democrats, the Republican candidates come after the stagnant economy from many directions.  They are proposing real solutions.

In the marketplace of political thought the answers will come from within the GOP.  You may already not like one candidate or another but to exclude anyone of them at this early point in the process is a mistake.  There will be no political discussion with the Democrats, only a coronation of a woman who may end up wearing a jumpsuit instead of a pants suit.  They are in trouble.  Don’t bring those same troubles to the GOP.  I get it that this is a conservative site, and I am not asking anyone here to embrace the moderate positions of the chamber of commerce traitors.  What I would request is that you listen to all the candidates, including the non-whites, and non-males.

Another truth about this process is that when it comes to that fake war on women, there are two female candidates running for president and one of them actually understands business without accepting foreign bribes.  More on the fake war, there are many more female republican governors than democrats.  So, to justify the war its time to attack the only female on our side.  Get rid of her before anyone notices, that’s the strategy.  She is forced to justify her success as a female CEO.  Carly Fiorina has always had to justify the lay offs of a large part of the Hewlett-Packert work force as she says, “to help the company survive.”  The irony is that there isn’t one politician in Washington who would take that stand to help our country survive.

Again, the false narrative of the media that cries foul at the fake “shut down” of the government indicates that layoffs in Washington are not allowed.  I would love to see Carly take charge of the IRS and get rid of those IRS tax cheats who not only didn’t get fired pursuant to their contract, but instead are now being promoted and receiving bonuses.  This insanity must stop if this country is to survive.

We are just starting the process of vetting these candidates and finding out who they are.  So, enjoy the beginning of the season.  But please don’t try to destroy these candidates before they have a chance to stand up against the real danger, another Democrat in the White House.