This is what Fundamentally Transformative Means.

We now live in a country, the United States, that has been fundamentally transformed as Barack Obama has promised.  It’s important to remind you all who the country is that has implemented this completely new direction, the United States.  The result of this transformation leaves us with this picture.

Obama and the American leftists, after using government funds to oust Benjamin Netanyahu as the Prime Minister of Israel, got offended when he actually won the election.


The real disgrace is with those who have sold out the security of Israel by entering into treaty talks with Iran.  But they’re not really treaty talks because that would trigger an application of US Constitution, a document the President of the United States no longer believes in following.  Instead, through executive fiat, our country, the United States, is preparing to allow the Iranian regime a pathway toward nuclear weapons with nothing in return.

This is the same regime that IS a state sponsor of terrorism, through it’s Al Qaeda and Hamas proxies.  This is the same regime that just yesterday proclaimed a dedication to the DEATH OF AMERICA, and Israel.  This is the same regime that has NEVER lived up to any agreement it has made with the United States.  This is the same regime that, right at this moment,holds at least four American HOSTAGES in Iran.

This is our new partner in the middle east.

And at the same time we are partnering with a terrorist nation that is developing a nuclear weapons we have announced a new policy of isolating Israel in the United Nations.

Sorry, but I just don’t recognize this country anymore.