The New York Times rounds up the "usual suspects" in Mississippi.

The NY Times printed the “usual suspects” response to the McDaniel win in Mississippi, and it is worth examination to understand what is really going on in the Senate elections this year.  Yes, I said the McDaniel WIN.  What the leftists at the NY Times deny is that there is a conservative resurgence in this country.  That resurgence, in order to gain the light of day, must first defeat the Party that calls themselves conservative, and then defeat the Democrat who is bestowed the blessings of the media in destroying the true conservative candidate.  The Times’ article attached is a worthwhile read, not for the content but for the revelation of the leftists’ reasoning.


The article actually reveals the truth that the Republican Party is not part of the constitutional conservative movement.  Of course, they drag out the dead mouse, Todd Akin remarks, as if his comments are attributable to anyone and everyone who claims to be a constitutional conservative, instead of an elite Republican, a Conservative in Campaign Only, (CICO).  Then they assign the unsophisticated remarks of the politically untested to anyone who is a treat to the status quo.  Next, step is to examine every word that Chris McDaniel has uttered and bang!  The attack is on.


Here, in the NY Times article is a preview of the attack lines being prepared against  McDaniel.  He called mexican women “mamacitas” and he said that he would leave the country before the government paid out reparations for slavery in the 1700 and 1800’s.  Oh come on!  That’s it?


The “mamcitas” line was a comment about women who deliberately get pregnant and sneak into the US to get free entitlement benefits for children who are naturalized because of a flawed immigration policy.  The reparations for past slavery may work with Al Sharpton but it won’t cost him in Mississippi, in fact, I’m sure it will help.  It’s all a measure of perception.  The Times sees the flow of socialist dollars increasing with every Democrat they help to elect and decrease with every constitutional conservative who stands up for Americans.


My perception is different.  I look at this article and see someone who is not afraid to speak up about matters that concern most Americans, an out-of-control federal government, a weak economy, and an administration who loathes the middle-class taxpayers.  The NRSC also needs to take a closer look at what is happening here in Mississippi.  As National Spokesman for the NRSC, Brad Dayspring tweeted in an attack on his fellow Republican, that he associates McDaniel with white supremacists and segregationists.  The Republican elites have now gone full circle.  The career elitists now lie just as easily as the Democrats who have taken over our government.  They will do, they will say, ANYTHING to retain power.

Just one last observation about this article.  Pictures don’t lie.  The photo of the McDaniel’s supporters shows a vibrant crowd of young Americans eager to take back our country.  This movement is far from dead.  It is just beginning.  In, Mississippi, the Red State Strategy of bringing real conservative challengers to the campaign has worked.  Now, it’s time that the CICO’s step aside and actually listen to what real constitutional conservatives have to say.