Disgusted Erick! That you would support McConnell!

Just a short comment about the big win in Kentucky for Mitch McConnell.

This morning began with the article by Erick Erickson, about how we should now support McConnell and even send him money.

This was no surprise win.  It was expected so, it doesn’t change a thing.  Most of us have been saying for months now that the strategy that we conservatives must employ regarding the US Senate races for 2014, brings us two goals.

Our first goal as conservatives, is to change the leadership in the Senate.  That goal has always been achievable, not because of our strength against the elitists who have made the government of Washington DC one of the most profitable career paths in the nation, but because of the weakness of those very careerists who call themselves leaders.  This battle is no less important than the nobel fight that brought us our independence from a tyrannical king.

Two hundred and thirty-eight years ago our forefathers stood up to the ruling class with a concept called liberty.  Today, that great experiment is in jeopardy because of the adoption of a new ruling class, one that feels the privilege of life because of their own perceived importance, not one that understands the privilege of serving his citizens.

Whether you call them Republicans or Democrats, this ruling class has lost sight of their mission, and the constitutional framework that should guide them in their responsibilities to the people.  There is only one way to bring this ship back around, that is to remove the head of leadership.  Remove the leader who has lead only his caucus of profiteers.  Remove the leader who has ignored the criminal violations of constitutional restraint by the IRS, the Justice Department, and State Department.  Remove the leadership that has failed to stop the exponentially dangerous government expense increases, many designed to benefit the few for the sacrifice of the many.  Remove the leader who has become so deaf that he cannot hear the plight of the middle-class as they suffer under the ever increasing burdens imposed by Washington’s elites.  Remove the leaders who have done nothing to assist the most nobel of our brothers and sisters, those who sacrifice to serve our nation in the armed services.

And so now, I ask everyone here, reject this idea that we must support this path of destruction.  We must change the course.  We must seek a new leader.  We can only do that by removing the one who has left us leaderless.  Dump Mitch McConnell.  But that is only half of what we need to accomplish.

Our second goal is to win the senate for the Republican Party.  This party with new leadership will have to listen.  This new party with ideas fresh from new voices, untainted by the corruption of that past ruling class, will start us back to prominence as a nation.  We must support any Republican that runs against the Democrats, unless his name is McConnell.  Those old tired faces will be challenged in the new Congress.  They will not be setting the agenda.  The agenda will be led by new faces and voices.  Senator Cruz, Senator Rubio, Senator Sasse, Senator Lee, Senator Cotton, and others new to the process, these are the new voices that speak for us, instead of to us.

We must take the majority in the Senate so that we can stop the damage that has been inflicted on us by a feckless leadership.  This is the movement.  Understand that compromise is a part of the process, but compromise involves accepting Blue Republicans as part of a majority party.  Compromise does not include accepting a multi-trillion dollar entitlement program that was unconstitutionally presented in the Senate, without debate, forced through the House without debate, or amendment, and signed into law without our representatives even reading it.  Compromise leaves no room for lies about doctors, and plans, and lower costs, and videos that falsely justify assassinations, and government agencies that use its powers to harass and silence its people.

All of these issues will be heard in the light of day, IF we can change the leader and take over the Senate.  Get on board.  Victory is in our grasp.

P.S. Erick, it would be nice if you would recognize the truth that I have just spoken.