May 20th, Senate Primaries

Today, May 19th, we get to hear about how horrible these Tea Party “extremists” are.  No, that was Karl Rove, and Mitch McConnell, not Harry Reid, oh, I mean it was also Harry Reid.  Apparently, these boys play in the same circles.  Tomorrow, voters get to decide.  And Wednesday, we will get to read such stalwarts of knowledge as the New York Times as they tell us again about the demise of the Tea Party.

Wednesday’s Demise of the Tea Party


So, let’s just go to the Tuesday results.  Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell easily beats Matt Bevin.  That’s how the story lines will be written on Wednesday.  That’s how that conservative icon, Joe Scarborough, will read the headlines tomorrow on MSNBC, even if no one watches.

They will be gloating about the “big win” by McConnell.  Check the margin of victory.  It has slimmed down recently.  They will not talk about the fact that McConnell has a very good chance of being defeated in the general election by a political light-weight, who Bill Clinton fantasizes about.  No disrespect is meant to Alison Grimes, she has her daddy’s money and clout behind her, and is trying to make a name for herself in the  left wing party.  Oh, and she might just beat a Republican who holds the most important position in the United States Congress.  She’s taking on the McConnell lobbyist machine and all the money that he can muster.

How come this race is so close you might ask?  Well, if one were to really do some research into the process and actually examine the results they would find that Independent’s CAN’T STAND McConnell.  Well, they’re not really the Tea Party.  I’m not going to waste time discussing the political realities of Kentucky, but suffice it to say that Mitch is in real trouble.  The Rand Paul kiss (guess where?) of Mitch McConnell didn’t fool Independent Kentuckians.  They know what is going on and they will end his reign of power.  It’s just going to take until November for that to happen.

Why didn’t they support Matt Bevin?  Well, they’re Kentuckians.  Matt Bevin, although he makes a lot of sense, he could never get the home vote.  He came in, from a very blue Connecticut, and that alone makes him suspect.  Add to that the overwhelming monetary advantage of McConnell and the blunders of Bevin’s campaign, and Matt just never caught on.  The real question is whether there was a Republican from Kentucky who could have challenged McConnell?   That question will not be answered, because clearly, no Kentucky Republican was ready to commit political suicide going up against the McConnell power.  Underneath all the support however, it makes you wonder if there isn’t more than enough Republicans, waiting in the wings,for the McConnell demise.  See you in November!


Now here’s an interesting race.  The Georgia primary is an open primary. It will allow those Tea Party “extremists” who are registered as Independents to vote in the Senate Primary.  Oh my, how that has disrupted things in the Elite Republican circles.  At one time the darling of the Moderate Republican left, Jack Kingston was thought to be a shoe-in to win the primary.  Well, the Tea Party folks, apparently, thought differently.  The latest poll taken over the weekend has Jack Kingston, sitting in third place, behind David Perdue, former CEO for the Dollar General Stores, and Karen Handel, a former Georgia Secretary of State.

Perdue ran as an outsider to the political process, a theme that is gaining traction with people fed up with an incompetent Congress and bloated government.  Handel, has also run as a Washington outsider and has picked up the support of Rick Santorum and Sarah Palin.  The other candidates have simply faded.  Both Broun and Gingrey have lost their appeal as Senate hopefuls trailing far behind and are finishing their campaigns in friendly districts.

The undecided votes are growing in the last days.  This is an indication that others have realized that they must chose a candidate who can at least get to the second place spot.  This is a runoff primary if the top candidate does not get more than 50%.  Perdue is ahead by +9, at 26%, far from the 50%, and it appears that Handel is the one picking up momentum.  If she can capture some of the late transfer support from the other Tea Party candidates, then the Chamber of Commerce will have blown a gasket, as well as a lot of cash on Kingston.  A closer look shows that Karen Handel has the most support from the Independents, a factor that will help her in the open primary.  The runoff primary is scheduled for July 22nd.

So, hows that Tea Party demise holding up for you?


Tom Cotton that’s all you need right now.  He’s been able to run as a former military conservative without any challenge from Tea Party candidates, mostly, because he appeals to the Tea Party.  He is polling well against incumbent Mark Pryor and has a good chance of picking up a seat for the Republicans.


Well here’s a place where they could care less about Mitch McConnell.  Jim Risch is the incumbent; he will be the Senator from this state come November.

Outside of the Red States

The Tea Party is not a factor in states like Oregon and Pennsylvania, but both states have primaries tomorrow.


A funny thing happened to the Democrats on their way to the 114th Congress, ObamaCare!  Well actually, it’s not so funny in a state like Oregon where there are now criminal investigations going on to determine why so much money was spent to put together a health care exchange that simply never worked.  The voters of this moderate state are fed up with the corruption that led to the state’s failed ObamaCare program.  Emerging from the ashes of that disaster is Portland Brain Surgeon, Dr. Monica Wehby, who is demanding that the Democrat incumbent explain his support for the Affordable Care Act and his defending of the Cover Oregon exchange that wasted $300 million before the state legislature voted to scrap it and investigate it for corruption.

This state falls under the Red State Strategy, which declares that we will not oppose the candidacy of moderate Republicans in Blue States.  (See Susan Collins).  Here, Dr. Wehby is clearly a moderate, but this state was in the Strong Democratic Hold column just one year ago.  Today, it’s a toss up.

In another factor that is just the epitome of how ugly politics can get, it appears that a Democratic PAC has begun releasing ads that accuse Dr. Wehby of stalking her former boyfriend, despite the fact that he has contributed money in support of her campaign.  There’s no Republican war on women here, only the typical Democratic hypocrisy.


Here’s the last state with a primary tomorrow, and quite frankly, I could care less.  There is no US Senate election.  I just wanted to point out that back in March, a “write in” Tea Party candidate, Republican Ron Miller, beat both the Republican Party selected candidate and the Democratic candidate for a seat in the Pennsylvania Senate.  Just saying!  Demise?

Every Republican candidate must run on a fiscally conservative platform.  That is simply a recognition that the Tea Party holds the keys to the estate.  You can color it anyway you want.  I prefer Red!