Capsule View of 2014 Republican Senate Races

Here they are in alphabetical order, the 15 Republican Seats up for election in 2014.

Alabama               RED STATE WINNER

Jeff Sessions has already wrapped up this seat.  He is the incumbent.  He has no primary opponent, and there’s no Democrat running against him.

Georgia                  LEANING COMFORTABLY RED

Saxby Chambliss retired.  Republican Primary candidates are, by order of highest polling percentage: David Perdue at 27%, Jack Kingston at 19%, Karen Handel at 16%, Paul Broun at 10%. and Phil Gingrey at  10%.  The primary voting has already begun with absentee ballots.  The voting will be closed on May 20th.  The most recent polling by St. Leo’s University, shows David Purdue leading the primary race.  This is a turn around from the previous polling that had Jack Kingston ahead.  Karen Handel seems to be gaining ground on Kingston, which would be a significant second place win, since the primary goes to a top two runoff if no one gets 50% +.  The trend in this race seems to be the recent growing support for Perdue and Handel.  Perdue is positioning himself as an outsider and the “business guy.”  He said in a recent interview, “You’ve got to understand, these Washington insiders know how to spend taxpayers money.  The businessman has to raise his own revenue.”  In a recent debate Perdue slammed Kingston with the comment that He, [Kingston], ran on term limits and now 11 terms later he’s still here.  “So when do the term limits start?”

The winner of the Republican primary will face off against the Democrat Michele Nunn, daughter of former popular US Senator Sam Nunn.  Will she be able to run on daddy’s name?  According to the latest polls she’s down 6% head to head with Perdue, and up only 1% to both Kingston and Handel.  Nunn just released video add that shows her, as Sam Nunn’s daughter, with some lame claim that she played basketball and somehow she has learned the important lessons in life.  The ad had no substance to it and seemed to show her as someone who doesn’t have the experience to fill her father’s shoes.  I see the Democrats spending a lot of money in this race and falling short.  I do not endorse any Republican until the general election candidate is chosen.


Idaho             RED STATE WINNER

Jim Risch is the only real candidate in this Republican state.  He is the incumbent and will be re-elected.


Kansas                   RED STATE WINNER

Pat Roberts is facing off against Milton Wolf.  Roberts is the incumbent.  He is losing ground in a race that should have been a slam dunk for him.  The problem is that Roberts was discovered to be a part time resident of the state.  He actually lives in Virginia and rents in Idaho to keep his seat.  The polling is virtually nonexistent at this point.  One poll done before the residency disclosure had Roberts up big.  The primary isn’t until August 5th, however, so a lot can happen before then.  As of now Roberts is trying to position himself on the right, as a conservative.  His record doesn’t bear that out, however.  Milton Wolf has been endorsed here at Red State and is backed by all of the conservative groups that are actually conservative.


Kentucky                        TOSS UP

This is a disgrace that the majority leader’s seat would be considered a toss up.  However, it falls into the category where many people feel the incumbent is the problem.  Picking the daughter of a Bill Clinton protege is what the Democrats have done.  Alison Grimes is an attractive woman who has served as the Secretary of State for Kentucky.  In essence she runs the state-wide elections.  Regarding McConnell I don’t mask my feelings about him.  IMHO he is the worst thing that has happened to the Republican party since the last time we elected him the Senate.  He has shown to be totally inept when it comes to leadership.  I could go on but I want to talk about his primary opponent, Matt Bevin.  Matt is running as a Washington outsider on the same page as David Perdue.  Unfortunately for Matt he has not run a very effective campaign.  He has allowed McConnell to define who he is by making some dumb mistakes in the campaign.  He is a good guy, and I would urge all Kentuckians to vote for Matt Bevin.  The polling between McConnell and Grimes shows that the race is a dead heat.


Maine                BLUE REPUBLICAN WIN

Hey, who says the Tea Party doesn’t know about politics.  After they chased Olympia Snowe from the Republican ranks and then got saddled with an Independent in Democrat clothing, they have kept their heads down in this race.  As a result, Susan Collins has no primary opponent and her Democrat opponent is trailing in the polls by 36 points.


Mississippi                   RED STATE WINNER

Thad Cochran is the incumbent and as of 4/4/14 was polling +17 ahead of Chris McDaniels.  That is the last polling done in this race.  The primary is held on June 3rd.


Nebraska                  STAY TUNED FOR TONIGHT’S WINNER!!!

That’s right, this one will be decided tonight between three candidates.  Originally, Ben Sasse, an eloquent outspoken critic of ObamaCare was the underdog fighting against the Mitch McConnell picked Shane Osborne.  Recently however, another candidate has been making waves, Sid Dinsdale.  This race has turned the Washington insiders upside down.  You see, Ben Sasse is actually an “electable candidate” who many in the party believe would make a good senator.  Shane Osborne on the other hand is a former Navy pilot who many conservative seem to respect.  So, in comes Sid Dinsdale, a local banker, who has bankrolled himself into the fight.  He is hoping that the other two have beaten themselves up enough to let him slip past the fray.  Polling suggests that it is possible.  I have heard Ben Sasse speak and if it were up to me, he would be my choice.  But for the folks in Nebraska, it’s up to them.  We shall see tomorrow.  I should say that whoever wins this primary will win the general election.  This is one of those races where there are really good candidates running.


Oklahoma              RED STATE WINNER

Tom Coburn has retired and so we have a primary race between former Speaker of the Oklahoma House T.W. Shannon, a Conservative Republican in the mold of Tim Scott, and representative James Lankford, a second term congressman with support from John Boehner.  Well, that should tell you all you need to know.  Primary is on June 24th.  The interesting part of this primary battle is that many of the constitutional conservative heavy-weights have jumped in to support Shannon against the wishes of Speaker Boehner.  Shannon is no grass roots tea party guy he is a polished candidate with a real chance to send a message to the Republican elites.

Oklahoma                   RED STATE WINNER

Jim Inhofe is the incumbent who has no primary challenger.  The Democrats don’t stand a chance in November, here.



Although he is pretending to be conservative again by jumping on the Benghazi bandwagon, this Senator has done nothing for Republicans, Conservatives or as far as we know Americans since he has become part of the surrender caucus.  Unfortunately, none of the primary candidates has mounted a credible campaign against him.  Graham has boatloads of money from all of his friends down on K-Street.  Nancy Mace, Lee Bright, Richard Cash, Bill Connor and now Det Bowers are making noises but they can’t be heard above the shouts of Washington insider money.


Tim was appointed to fill the vacant senate seat by Gov. Haley.  He has serve well and made a respectable name for himself.  The Democrats don’t stand a chance against him.


Tennessee                 UGH!  LAMAR!

Another Washington elitist, popular at home, and destined to die in office some thirty years from now when the Senate actually realizes that he has been dead for the past two terms and has not accomplished anything positive other than assisting in increasing our national debt.  Joe Carr thanks for running, but you’ll need more cash in your chest to unseat this surrender caucus member.  The only interesting thing about this primary is that it is an open primary, August 7th.

Texas                   LOVE YA TEXAS!

John Cornyn is already the Republican candidate, and incumbent.  The Democrats have a real mess on their hands with a Libertarian running and placing in their primary.  Heading to a runoff is a Democrat who wants to impeach Obama, Repeal ObamaCare, bring the Justice Department down on the big money financial institutions that have been getting QE and TARP funds, reinstate Glass-Steigall, and repeal Dodd-Frank!  Ya gotta love Texas!!!


Wyoming                 RED STATE WINNER

Now that Mike Enzi has dispatched the straight Cheney daughter, his competition is a retired priest.  Filing deadline is May 30th, if anyone is interested.


There you have it.  The Republican Senate seats up for election this cycle.  There is only a chance to lose one seat.  (That’s McConnell’s)  quite frankly, I wouldn’t cry over that loss.  Democrat’s Seats Report coming soon.