Only in Texas!

Oh no, they haven’t seceded from the union… yet.  But, maybe they should.  It seems they get it right when it comes to the founding principals of our nation.  It seems they get it right when it comes to taxes and jobs, and protecting the middle class.  It seems they get it right when they choose a political direction too.  All of this while the rest of the country whines about tea party fringe and the obstructionist Republicans.

Meanwhile, inside the Republican big tent, the elitists have removed the constitutional conservative wing from the Party, in favor of the “we need to work with the Democrats, even if we do take over the Senate” wing.  Well, it’s not like that in Texas!

While researching the Senate races in seats held by the Republicans, I found an interesting twist to all the prattle.  John Cornyn, of course, has already won the Republican nomination for his seat in the general election.  It’s the Democrats who have added a little humor, and a little flavor of Texas to the barbecue.  Unfortunately for the Democrat party in the Lone Star State their favored candidate did not get a high enough percentage of the vote to avoid a runoff.  So they are left with the choice between David Alameel, a wealthy Lebonese dentist, and Keesha Rogers, a left wing Libertarian, from the Lyndon LaRouche fold.

Here’s a little taste of where she’s coming from as reported in Houston Chronicle article from May 5th.


Her platform includes: impeachment proceedings against Obama;  Repeal of Obamacare; repeal of Dodd – Frank: Reinstitution of Glass-Steagall; and full funding for NASA.  All of this from the campaign mouth of an African-American woman from Texas.

After shocking the Democrats by placing second and forcing a runoff, the Texas Democrat Party has disowned her.  “She’s not on our ticket. says the head of the Texas Democrat Party, and “If she came to the convention, she wouldn’t be speaking.”

It would just be a funny joke if she wasn’t raising more money than David Alameel.  The wealthy dentist is self-funding his campaign, while she is raising more money than him.

Meanwhile, Abortion Barbie is just about done with her lost campaign, and it appears that her state senate seat is likely to go Republican this next cycle, giving the Republicans a super majority in their Senate, and you know what that means, no more “legally blonde” moments in the Texas Capitol.

That’s my kind of place!