North Carolina Primary May 6th. Today!!!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 6th, 2014, North Carolina will select the next US Senator from their state.   I say this with the confidence that whomever wins the Republican primary will be the candidate who will win in the general election against the incumbent Kay Hagen, the Democrat.

It seems that all one has to mention in this red state is the fact that a candidate is a Democrat to place that candidate in jeopardy of a second place finish.  The Republicans are running strongly in the red states and even in many not so red places too.  Unfortunately for them, all the Democrats have to offer is a jumbled strand of lies to explain their mismanagement of our government, our state department, the IRS, our congress, our White House, and our doctors and health care plans.

So, North Carolina gets to choose the next Republican to represent our concerns.  The question is: will it be Thom Tillis a guy who I might have supported until Mitch McConnell, the Chamber of Commerce and the other phony Conservatives in name only jumped up to support?  I have nothing personal against Thom Tillis.  I just don’t like the company he is keeping.

There are two others running who have made some noise but don’t seem to be catching fire.  The first is Greg Brannon, a staunch libertarian who has the support of Rand Paul.  In that regard I can only wonder if Rand Paul has checked with Mitch McConnell before he went against the feckless leader.  The other candidate is Mark Harris a prominent Baptist minister from Charlotte.  He has Mike Huckabee on his side.  Unfortunately for Pastor Harris, he has been sounding a little  lost in his Christian ways as he has gotten desperate in the latter stages of the primary race.

The primary winner is declared if one of the candidates gets 40% plus one.  Tillis has been leading all along and may have been better challenged with only one Tea Party challenger.  But these are things we must consider as we strengthen our resolve to move this party back toward a more conservative base.  For now, Tea Party supporters can only hope for a second place runoff with a Commerce Party candidate who failed to get the required 40%.

This state should be one of the pickup states for a Republican Majority Senate.  Stay tuned!