Cotton's not gaining on Pryor, Why?

This is one of the most important Senate races in 2014.  Mark Pryor, the leader of the “we voted for it, but we didn’t really like it,” group of panicked Democratic Senate candidates running from ObamaCare is worried.  This race is one where the Red State Strategy demands a victory.  Returning Pryor as Arkansas’ lone Democrat senator could mean that the Republicans would not take back the Senate.

I’m not sure why this race is so close.  Pryor has a voting record that shows that he has supported just about every Obama/Reid position, all contrary to the wishes of his constituents.  He has shouted his support for every wasteful government program rammed down the throats of Arkansans, including ObamaCare, T.A.R.P., and the failed stimulus package.  Does anyone have a handle on this race beyond the latest polling?


Pryor looks more like the Greek mythological figure Janus than a U.S. Senator as he struggles to remember which crowd he’s in front of while peddling his lies.


In that NBC news article he is in front of a Little Rock group where he supports raising the minimum wage.  Saying, “This neighborhood has struggled for a long time, but it’s making a comeback,”  While he panders to the economically depressed community of Little Rock, he offers nothing but words in support of the minimum wage increase but he talks out of the other side of his face in Wal Mart country.

“I know $10.10 still isn’t a whole lot of money, but I think it’s too much, too fast,” Pryor told Bloomberg.  “I’m not supportive of that.”

Mark Pryor Is Against Obama’s Proposed Minimum Wage Hike: ‘Too Much, Too Fast’

This is just another example of the lack of character Pryor exhibits as he runs to retain the seat he feels he’s entitled to because of his daddy!

We can only hope that Arkansans can see through the mask of insincerity and see that these politicians are interested in themselves and not in the people.