Latest Senate Polls

In a January 30th, 2014 poll just released by polling group Purple Strategies the New Hampshire Senate race is even between the incumbent Democrat Jean Shaheen and former Republican Senator Scott Brown, even though he hasn’t even entered the race.  Wow!  That says a lot about her popularity that she can ‘t even beat someone who is’t even running yet.

In North Carolina, Democrat Kay Hagen, trails both of the Republicans running.  A Rasmussen Poll shows Hagen trailing Republican Speaker of the State House Thom Tillis 47% to 40%.  She also trails the Constitutional Republican Dr. Greg Brannon 43% to 39%.  Hagen has been running as fast as she can away from Barack Obama and the Democrat’s unaffordable failed Health Care Law, avoiding Obama the last time he visited the state.

Even Time magazine, which nobody reads anymore unless it’s to refer to the panic of the Red State Democrat Senators, discusses how Democrats are running away as if they were always against the President.  Keep your pen Mr. President.  It’s not going to let you rewrite history.  You have failed to commit Americans to a socialist agenda.  2014 is the beginning of the end.