If you like your country you can keep it!

Democratic Senate Races



There are a total of 21 Democratic Senate seats up for election.


If the Republicans hold all their seats and turn 6 they will take control of the Senate.


There are nine seats that were considered safely in Democratic hands: (as of 11-26-13)

However, it is clear that the train wreck that is Obamacare that the Democrats are now referring to as the ACA is not providing affordable health care.  Americans are losing their coverage and their doctors because the Democrats did not either read the Bill when it was voted on back in 2010 or they just wanted to support the President’s socialistic agenda.  Simply put, he lied and so did everyone of the Democrats who now have to face the American people and continue the charade that Obamacare is going to work.


In this first look at the 2014 Senate races, I am going to look at the Democrat seats that were once considered safe.  The polls are telling a different story.  Nothing is safe for the Democrats anymore.  Start helping these candidates early.  Make this a process that brings an end to the Democrats control of the Congress and an end to Obamacare.  Remember, If you like your country you can keep it; elect Conservative Republicans, period.


Here’s the first look.


Delaware – Chris Coons*; Primary 9/9/14, no Republican opponent yet,  the Chris Coons website for his Senate campaign has no information about his positions, well, how can you blame him?   Wouldn’t you pretend that you weren’t an Obama loving Democrat too?


Illinois – Richard Durbin*; Primary 3/18/14; Chad Koppie (R); Doug Truax (R).  Of the two Doug Truax seems to be the best candidate.  He is a West Point grad and former Army Officer and now a successful businessman, and he represents the true hope for Illinois.



Massachusetts 2013 Ed Markey* (D); ugh!


Hawaii – Brian Shatz (D); Cam Cavasso (R); Primary 8/9/14.

Cam Cavasso’s website



New Jersey – Jeff Cheisa R, Retiring; primary 6/3/14, Cory Booker, D; Steve Lonergan (R) website



New Mexico – Tom Udall*; Dave Clements (R), primary 6/3/14.


Oregon – Jeff Merkley*; one of the Democrats who pushed the rule changes on the filibuster according to a LA Times report.  Jason Conger, Joe Ray Perkins, Karl King, Mark Callahan, Dr. Monica Webhy all Republicans, in a very blue state. Primary 5/20/14.  The two most interesting candidates are:

Dr. Monica Webhy


And Jason Conger



Rhode Island – Jack Reed (D)*; 9/9/14 primary, no Republicans yet.


Virginia – Mark Warner (D)*;  6/10/14 primary, Howie Lind, and Shak Hill (R’s).

Howie Lind’s website


Shak Hill’s website



* Incumbent


Next we’ll look at the states that were competitive in the 2012 Presidential Election.