Support Matt Bevin in Kentucky against Mitch McConnell

If he’s going down, we should turn to someone with new fresh ideas.  That may be the thinking of conservative voters in Kentucky when it comes to the Senate race and Mitch McConnell.  McConnell can whine all he wants about being put in a primary race  before he would have to face the formidable challenge from an attractive up and coming Kentucky Democrat but he created his own mess.  Now he wants us to close our eyes and pretend that he is something that he is not.

Here’s what his is not: 1) a leader, titles don’t make you a leader; 2) a conservative, the last three months of pandering don’t count; 3) a team player, the Republican base has been insulted and abused by this fool time and time again; 4) a good bet to keep his seat, he is already behind the Democrat despite his 16 million dollar war chest and his support of the blue wing of the party.

Here’s what he is: 1) a tired old fading politician, these people are worse than sports personalities in knowing when to quit; 2) an intellectually bankrupt career politician, he will say or do anything to get re-elected, (sounds like he should have Axelrod working for him); 3) the “do nothing” minority leader, he has allowed his party to be labeled by the media as the obstructionist or do nothing party instead of leading and standing for the American people; 4) disliked by a majority of Kentuckians.  4) a Senator who is on his way out.

His primary challenger is Matt Bevin, a successful businessman with conservative values and support from the tea party.  He is a new comer to the political process having never run for public office.  We should consider whether that is a qualifier or dis-qualifier.  Lindsey Graham another pathetic pandering politician has drawn a primary challenger, Nancy Mace, who points out that “[t]he only way to change Washington is to change who we send to Washington.”  It is time to change Washington.  It’s time to look for news ideas.  Matt Bevin brings that new approach and real hope.

Alison Lundergan Grimes is Kentucky’s new face on the national scene but she brings the same tired rhetoric and pandering to the process.  She claims to support Kentucky’s coal industry but reality will prevent her from any practical support for coal workers if she is welcomed into the green energy eco-terrorism administration.  She claims not to support Obama’s war on coal but the war on the American economy and union workers whose health care cost are about to skyrocket is in full support mode.  She is a staunch supporter of Obamacare that she proudly proclaims as the Affordable Care Act.  We all know, it is anything but.