Senate Elections 2014, PLEASE COMMENT

Here on Red State, I have been reading many comments about the Senate Elections in 2014.  There seems to be the same indignation and disgust regarding the direction of our government now as there was back during the 2010 elections.  Both elections are off year elections.   Everyone should understand this year we need important victories to gain control of the Legislature.  One thing that continues to prevent our success is the idea that we cannot accept RINO’s in the party.

Now, I am not saying that we should be looking for squishy, fishy, candidates to run for office, unfortunately there are enough of them out there.   What I propose is a conservative strategy that will bring us to power a strategy that targets conservative red states.  That is who we are.  We need to take the red states back from the party and those purple Republicans like Susan Collins can hold on to states like Maine.  Regarding the squishy purple fish in the Blue states we allow them to run concentrating our efforts and MONEY in the red states.  With that as the strategy in mind remember that the Tea Party movement was a grass roots movement.  That grass roots effort can be focused through sites like Red State.  I have no confidence in sending money to the party but when the support comes from conservative individuals throughout the country in both red and blue states, we control the outcome.  With that in mind, these are the questions to answer.

What states are red enough to bring us a victory?

Who’s running in those states and is their a primary opponent?

Who could be recruited to run in each state that won’t shoot him or her self in the foot while understanding the conservative base?

Will it be enough to win us the Senate?


Here are some comments that I have already seen on this topic.

“Primaries are the answer for these sell-outs. We need more primaries in 2014 including McConnell, Graham, Ryan, Alexander, and Cornyn. Lets take our party back from the weak kneed establishment.”

“The GOP better stop trading phantom Hispanic votes for real Republican base votes.”

Slapping the party in the face is nice at times but we need POWER!   That only comes from putting a Republican majority in the Senate, and keeping the House.  This is our year.  Help make it happen.