NSA Appropriate and Necessary Actions

I cannot believe how many people have taken the position that the actions of the NSA, tracking phone calls, e-mails and web searches are appropriate and necessary measures for national security.  In a Breitbart article today it was pointed out that there are so many reasons why this is a bad idea.

Forget they claim that attacks were thwarted based on these over-reaching intrusive programs.  The justification argument is the “we” cannot tell you how many attacks have been stopped, national security don’t you know.  Well, they didn’t stop Boston but what they have done is create an environment that is absolutely toxic.  The trust level of the government is at an all time low!  We are supposed to believe that there was no political reasoning behind the IRS harassment of Tea Party and Constitutional supporting Americans.  We are supposed to believe that the President only learned about it when he saw it on, what MSNBC?  Didn’t he make that same claim about Benghazi, and the AP, and James Rosen, and Fast and Furious?  Who the hell is advising him?

The latest intrusion into the massacre of the fourth amendment is the tracking of phone calls and as the Breitbart article points out it may include the tracking of Verizon phone calls of members of Congress and the Supreme Court, since it is Verizon that contracts for those services.  That raises an interesting Separation of Powers issue where the Executive Branch has monitored the phone records of members of Congress.  When asked about the question, Attorney General Holder replied “I don’t think this is the appropriate setting for me to discuss that issue.”  Must have something to do with national security don’t you think?

Well how about this conversation in a more appropriate place like a Georgetown restaurant with a Senator from the opposing party.  “Well Senator, it appears that you have had quite a bit of contact with a certain woman from the Virginia area.  I don’t think your wife would be very happy to learn about that.  Why don’t you make it easy on everybody and drop your opposition to our latest attempt to trample the Constitution?”  After all its all about national security and we’re just doing what is appropriate and necessary.