Social Issues Still Matter

Many on this site cannot understand the gay community. Many outside this site cannot understand the issues within the gay community. So, this diary is not written to address the issue of same-sex marriage, except that Mary Maitland said on Sunday that the issue of same sex marriage is insignificant when compared to the devastating impact of the single parent household in this country. Single parent homes have now become the norm in our society. The studies have consistently shown that children from single parent homes are more likely to live in poverty, not graduate from high school, become involved in illegal drug use, have a child out of wedlock, and end up serving time in jail.

That is just one example of how our society has changed for the worse. One may say that Obama is not responsible for that problem, however, this government’s policies promote the destruction of the family by rewarding people who act irresponsibly.  And it is irresponsible to not consider the natural byproduct of sexual intercourse, the child.  Considering the possibility that intercourse may result in the conception of a child is exactly what heterosexual marriage is about, creating a family.  The current policies of this administration are designed to assist those who think only about their own desires and not the possible consequences.  Reward the unproductive, help the irresponsible, subsidize poverty, these are the real values of the progressive movement.  There are many examples. Extending the unemployment benefits to european socialists levels results in people accepting less money and avoid finding work.  Rewarding illegal immigrants with their child’s naturalization if they are clever enough to get pregnant and give birth in the US  does nothing more than provide the ability to get “poverty benefits,” an unmentioned goal of progressives.

Religious freedom is under attack. Sara Fluke is the poster child for that attack, a darling of the leftist media and Time’s woman of the year. To this administration and the progressives the attack arguments are incomprehensible because the administration talking points regurgitated on this subject say that the insurance companies are the ones that pay the free contraception benefits. What it doesn’t address is that forcing payment for those services whether directly to the employee or to the insurance company ignores the actual religious doctrine that the Catholic Church and other religious groups profess guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.  To illuminate those who don’t understand the doctrine it states that the birth of a child is a gift from God. We as mortals should not play God ourselves and determine whether one life is more “worthy” than another. The lack of respect for religious doctrine is another example of how our American society has chipped away at our values and frankly made getting laid more important than giving the miracle of birth and life to a new and completely unique person. You would think that someone in gay community would understand that.  Imagine a horrible world where genetically one could choose to terminate unborn children who may be gay, or female, or not tall enough, or smart enough, or white enough, or athletic enough. We are already on that path and this administration in every way supports going down that road.

The American voters according to the latest polls supports same-sex marriage.  It seems that the support for that position comes from the dynamics of older Americans dying.  The issue as Mary Maitland says is not as significant as the single parent crisis but it is one more way to demonize religious philosophy and doctrine.  What an irony that the religious faith that built this nation is now the demon that undermines the objective of those see the new more progressive world.  If those who support same-sex marriage were honest about the discussion the issue would be resolved through legislation that could secure all the rights that the gay community claims are denied, such as the right to pass on to a partner their property, or to establish health care surrogates.  The right to live together has always existed and calling it marriage doesn’t make it any different.  To progressives it is not enough to gain those rights it is important to redefine marriage and destroy that fabric that has defined who we are as members of a structured society.  The recognized definition of marriage between a man and a woman has a unique aspect to it that no same-sex union can ever claim, reproduction.  Unfortunately, reproduction in our new American culture has become a contraceptive and abortion right instead of a miraculous process that once was between a husband and a wife, and that miraculous process has given life to all Americans whether gay or heterosexual.