I would like to take this opportunity to invite everyone in the death spiral states of California and New York to come to Florida. We have no state income tax and we have many programs to assist all you so called “greedy” successful entrepreneurs in your relocation to the Sunshine state. We have oranges, palm trees, tennis and golf, beautiful beaches, sunshine and a Republican governor and legislature. If you are interested in coming back to earth feel free to contact me and I will get in contact with the corporate friendly government planners. We even have this concept in Florida called the “right to work.” For those of you from union controlled governments we will welcome your successful business and welcome the opportunity to bring something that unions have not been able to deliver for over 20 years, MORE JOBS.

Your dream home waits for you. Oh yeah, and on that front, the cost of comparable homes in Florida are about 50% less expensive than in New York and California. We’re waiting. Why are you?