Give Them What They Want!

I have heard and read all these comments about going off the fiscal cliff and how the Republicans should compromise.  First, the fiscal cliff is not the right terminology (of course,  it was created by the media).  There is no cliff there are two factors: revenue and spending.  The latest suggestion by our socialist president is that we should put in place the Bush tax cuts for the “middle class” (another misnomer brought to you by your friendly media propaganda machine).  Screw the rich, they need to “pay their fair share.” (sarcasm intended).  “We should do this because nobody wants to raise taxes on the middle class.” quoting Barry. “And we can do this right now.”  Implied in that statement is the bombshell that this administration is about to drop on the American people. WE WILL NOT BE CUTTING SPENDING!


The reaction to this approach is Sooooo predictable by the Republicans and Conservatives that Obama’s machine has already started the spin.  Here it comes the Democrat/Media talking points for the next four weeks: “The Republicans don’t want to help the middle class they just want to help the rich!”  “The middle class is hurting right now and we cannot cut spending until later, but we can make those greedy rich bastards pay their “fair share” (oh if I had a dollar for every time I heard that “fair share” line of BS).


Here’s where the Republicans go wrong.  They take the bait and the fiscal cliff happens.  WHO’s fault is it?  THE REPUBLICANS, of course.  Just like the dismal recovery is Bush’s fault.  We need to show it is Obama’s fault and there is only one way to do that.  Give him everything he wants!  HE gets the tax increase on the people over $250K, HE gets the fake tax breaks for the middle class, HE gets to postpone the spending cuts and the American economy goes over the second edge of that financial cliff and the deficit skyrockets!  Unemployment jumps!  Recession!  The government’s credit rating drops to junk levels and all because we did what Obama asked us to do.


The Republicans don’t have to vote in favor of this plan they should just use the Obama voting procedure and vote ABSENT!  When announcing this strategy the Republican leaders (if you can call them that) must state that it is now OBAMA’S ECONOMY.

Americans have voted and now like stupid little high school delinquents they must go to the principal’s office and sit through the detention that they have brought upon themselves.  Voting for revenge is a bitch!