Get On Board -- Josh Mandel -- Ohio's Next Senator

It’s time to get on board.  Everyone knows that the 2012 election is going to decide the fate of our great nation.  Four more years of Obama and we will collapse into a heap of socialist malaise from which there is no recovery.  All eyes have been focused on our Hope for Change in this White House Occupy Movement that has hijacked our capitalist republic.  It is not enough to strive for victory in presidential race without also looking at both the Senate and the House; Washington is broken and it needs rebuilding from top to bottom.

Certainly Obama must go but he needs to take the following senators with him: Claire McCaskill, MI; John Tester, MT; Ben Nelson, NE; Bill Nelson, FL; Joe Manchin, WV; and Sharrod Brown, OH.  For more information on the most vulnerable seats for the Democrats see this article from U.S. News and World Report.


The reason I mention Josh Mandel is that this seat was considered a safe Democrat seat just a short while ago but on July 19th, a Rasmussen poll on the Ohio Senate race has Sharrod Brown leading by only 4 points, with 9% undecided.  Additionally, Brown is a fire-breathing liberal in a state that continues to blush red.  This poll was also taken right after Barack Obama spent the week campaigning in the state.  We could use some more of that kind of help.

For disclaimer purposes, I have no affiliation with the Josh Mandel campaign.  I am just a poster on this sight who looks into the Senate and House races.  I’m actually in Florida so I can’t even work on the campaign, but one thing I can do is send him money to get his campaign kicked into a higher gear.  As you can see from the U.S. News and World Report, Josh Mandel is a Tea Party favorite.  I say that with all respect to my fellow Tea Partiers.  So often now days we are bashed by the media as if we are lower than say an Occupy Anarchist.  No, we are and continue to be everyday people who are sick of the direction that Washington has taken us.  I belong to no affiliated Tea Party group and speak only for myself.  Now I ask you to check into this race and help Josh Mandel become the next Senator from Ohio.

The Huffington Post has some articles on this race that seem to be designed to discredit Josh Mandel.  That alone should tell you where this race is headed.  But even Ariana’s Huffing admits that the race is now even.  Get on board.