Stand Up!

Romney will be attacked because of Bain Capital. As Rush Limbaugh said it will become the new Haliburton. Is what Romeny did at Bain wrong? No, it is the job of a CEO who has been delegated the job of reorganizing a company to cut expenses. The first cut is always in payroll. The real problem is that in this election the media has created the playbook. (That’s what happens when the party has no leadership.) The playbook says “yes, it’s the economy stupid,” but the media spins this into “no job creation” and a “wealth favoritism system.” The Democrats and their media propaganda wing have created this playbook through the ridiculous efforts of the “Occupy” and have used that fraud to establish the injustice of the economic system. By doing so they have completely hijacked the debate.

As a result the election will not be about the economy it will be about the fairness of the system. Romney doesn’t know how to change the playbook and make this a referendum on the economy. What frustrates me is that Obama’s record is so horrendous that any clear spoken candidate should be able to change the discussion into one that explains that the United States now owes more than it makes, that unemployment insurance does not help people get back to work, that the housing market is part of the free market and banks should not be relieved of their duty to scrutinize prospective homeowners, and it is not the government’s job to bail out bank executives who just made a killing in the market and then lost their shirts when the trades they had been touting turned out to be naked, risky losses. A clear speaking leader could point out these and more of the horrible policies that Bush put in place and Obama exponentially implemented. Instead we have this false pretense that the economic woes are based on a social injustice.

There is injustice. The injustice is not economically based by lies in our court system that is now hearing a case that will decide if the EPA can, out of the blue, declare someone’s home a wetland site and take it through fines levied against the Department’s dictates. The injustice lies in a system that takes from the property owner without just compensation. Once more the injustice lies with a government that does not serve the people through the consittution but through the concept of altruism as if our Constitution were nothing more than a philosophy book.

We are in grave times. This noble experiment, this great America is crumbling under the weight of a progressive attack and all we can do is fall in lock step with the party officials who live under this fantasy that they know best.

Stand up! Dump the losers overboard just as those brave patriots did over 200 years ago. The dream has not been broken it has merely been hijacked. There is a conservative alternative. It is not Perry. It is not Ron Paul. It is not Romney. Demand more. The stakes are just too great.