What is wrong with these RNC idiots?

Apparently, it is okay to bash fellow Republicans but not the worst President this country has ever seen.  Read this and weep.


Who are these people that apparently are getting paid by the Republican party?  It only goes to show that the tea party work is not finished.  I thought that the Republican Party got the message last election to stand for conservative principals, understanding that we cannot work with these out of control socialist-democrats, and that the only solution is there ouster.  Well, after reading this we must not forget that we need to clean the Republican house too and reading stuff like this just boils my blood to make it happen.  Dump our non leaders…  Put Michelle Bachman in charge of the house.  Take over the Senate with REAL conservatives, there are plenty of people to fire, starting with clearing McConnell out with the Snowe in Maine.  I can’t take it; I think my head will explode!

We allow the media and the Obama thugs to define our candidates and the truth is that anyone of them, INCLUDING RON PAUL, would save this country from the disaster that IS Obama.   The best you can say about our President is he is a likeable disaster.  I disagree with that, I think he is a lying socialist traitor who would sell every American out to make sure his political buddies profit.  I am tired of being nice about this loser.