Go West America!

Down here in Florida we have a congressional race that epitomizes the battle in the fight to take back America.  Ron Klein is the Democrat incumbant in C.D. 22.  District 22 is a sliver of land that runs from Broward County (Ft. Lauderdale) to the Palm Beach County line.  Ron Klein has held this seat for four years after defeating Republicam moderate E.Clay Shaw.  Shaw held that seat that was gerrymandered in 1990 for a Republican leaning candidate.  Two years ago, Allen West ran against Ron Klein and received little support from the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) that was run by Jim Greer.  Oh how things have changed!

Jim Greer, has since been charged criminally for misappropriating funds from the RPOF and Allen West has been resurrected by the tea party and conservative republicans to become one of the brightest new stars in a very different Republican Party.  The prior Florida Republican Party was led by turncoat Charlie Crist who strategically placed his own people in key party positions.  A combination of the tea party movement and the conservative republicans have since purged the party of these wishy wash democrat lite foes who have ruined this party and this country.

Florida is now solidly conservative.  I would like to acknowledge Eric Erickson for his part in this makeover.  He has been out front in his support for Marco Rubio from the very beginning.  That support has transformed this party and the nation into believing that we can take this country back from the socialists and the weak republicans.

The Florida picture will not be complete without the election of Allen West.  To give you an idea of what is going on in this race check out this recent article in the Palm Beach Post.  (keep in mind that this is the Palm Beach Post, a newspaper that is a liberal as any in the country.)


Allen West has the leadership qualities of a military commander because, quite frankly, that’s who he is.  Now, it’s our turn to use military speak to send a message to Nancy Pelosi and her momma’s boy rubber stamp legislator with the rubber band backbone, Ron Klein.  On November 2nd, we the people command Nancy Pelosi and Ron Klein to “stand down,” but until that moment, please support this great American hero, Allen West.