It appears that Obama believes that his sagging economy needs a boost.

Of course, his ridiculous story line is that the stimulus is working, (just not as good as it should, because of George W. Bush.)  No really, the economy is not really that bad.  (never mind that unemployment is at nearly 10% nationally, and almost 15% in several states including Harry Reid’s, never mind that forclosures are continuing to flood the housing market at unsustainable rates.)  Actually, Obama saved 3.5 million jobs, no really.  (Just don’t ask where.)

So, what we get tonight is $50 billion to help fix our roads and public trasportation.  Never mind that we spent over $800 billion to do that last year but didn’t quite get to it.  (Appearently, there were not enough shovels ready for that project, back then.)  We also should be happy to learn that small businesses will get tax credits for research and development, I guess as long as they don’t make more than $250,000 per year, which puts them in the too rich category.

It seems to me that Obama is a little late on fixing the roads.  Now I understand him trying to fix public transportation, like Amtrack, so Joe Biden can go home, but the plan will be based on economic needs of the area and not infrastructure instability and danger.  In other words, let’s pay off some union workers and to hell with the safety of the american commuters.  (They should be driving bikes anyway.)

Sounds like a plan.