Get off your buts...

This is the most important congressional election in our lifetime.  Carl Rove (I am not a big fan of his) said today on Hanity that he projects a gain of 37 seats in the U.S. House this year.  That would leave the Republicans as the minority party.

http://innovation.cqpolitics.com/atlas/house2010_rr  Congressional Quarterly has worse numbers (what else would you expect from CQ?) than that.  But what is interesting at the CQ site is that it shows the races that are vulnerable.  It lists 29 as toss up races.  It lists 31 as leans democrat, and 26 as likely democrat.  It also gives a little out of date information on each race.

Here’s the point.  Too many people who believe that this country is headed in the wrong direction are taking the position, “gee, I’d like to help BUT… (followed by some excuse.)  It is the responsibility of each person on this site to save this nation.  That can only be achieved by getting rid of the knuckleheads in Washington.

My recommendation is to use the CQ site as a war map.  Start with the toss up districts.  Send $10 dollars to each of the candidates in those districts.  That is about $300 to thirty candidates.  Don’t send money in races that have not had their primaries yet.  (Example Alan Greyson Florida 8th, will not have an opponent until August 25th.)

Then go to the likely races a week later.  Find races you can support, send them money!!!  Don’t send it to the Republican Party, send it directly to the candidate.  Everyone knows how to track these campaigns on line.

Please folks! tea party support is great, conservative values are a must, but TOTAL VICTORY is essential to our survival as a nation.  

Oh yeah, DIck Armey was great on Squawk Box this morning.