Special Election Next Week

This Tuesday, on February 2nd, Florida will hold the primary for the 19th congressional district seat vacated by Robert Wexler.  The Democrats include Peter Deutch who is the self appointed successor of Robert, “I don’t even live around here” Wexler.  The other Domocrat is Ben Graber a Democrat thorn in Wexler’s side and anti-war on terror liberal in the mold of Pelosi.

The Republican field includes three men who have never held office but believe that they should be the next corgressman.  For a view of this race go to this website.


The Republicans have not really done a good job in getting a strong candidate to run in a district that could be a pickup for them.  Instead, the three have been trashing each other with the two front runners Lynch and Budd trading barbs and trashing each other pretty good.  The third candidate, a retired cop, seems like a good guy but well over his head.  Joe Budd has announced that he will not support Ed Lynch if he wins the primary.  Not very promising stuff.  Ed Lynch has run against Wexler before and did not do very well but seems to have learned a lot about campaigning.  Unfortunately, his primary opponent would rather take him down than to run on his own merits.  Let’s see who survives the primary and see if the damage allows them to survive the special election.

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