Getting Rid of Alan Greyson

Every time this guy opens his mouth he inserts his very large foot in it.  I just saw a great clip from, of all places, Chris Matthews Hardball.  I first saw it thanks to Dan Perrin’s Jan 22nd post.


What’s important to take from this confrontation between Greyson and Matthews is that Matthews does everything but call Greyson an idiot, which he seems to be.  Greyson is exposed in this clip for exactly what he is, an obnoxious loudmouth politician who will say anything to get his name in the media.  Greyson  tries to convince Matthews that the election of Scott Brown will not stop the runaway health care train disaster because the Senate will pass Health Care Reform in Reconciliation.

Matthews asks if you couldn’t get it done with 60 votes how do you think it will get done with 59?  It’s absolutely hilarious watching this feckless representative feablely try to defend his position.  At one point he even challenges Matthews and his lack of experience in the congress, as though freshman congressman Greyson’s year in Washington gives him great knowledge.  Intead of knowledge it seems to have given him an arrogant chip on his shoulder.  Unfortunately for Mr. Greyson, there are plenty of Republicans ready to knock that chip off his shoulder.

The following is a list of those who have announced their candidacy for the Florida’s 8th district, and their websites.

Republican Candidates:

Peg Dunmire www.dunmireforcongress.com

Dan Fanelli  www.fanelliforcongress.org 

Armando Gutierrez Jr. www.gogutierrez.com

Kurt Kelly www.gokurtkelly.com

Todd Long www.toddlongforcongress.com

Patricia Sullivan www.patriciasullivanforcongress.com


The district itself leans slightly democrat but that may be an overstatement since the election dynamics in 2010 are much different than in 2008.  There is a larger hispanic presence in District 8 than in other Florida districts.  I report this information not to align myself with any one candidate but to give Red Staters an idea of what is happening in a district that will go Red in 2010.