Peculiar Pataki

I am stunned by the announcement of Dede Scozzafava that she is dropping out the race in NY’s 23rd.  I think the last straw was the endorsement of Doug Hoffman by George Pataki.  Pataki has never been considered a right of center Republican much less a Conservative.  In New York, however, the political game is a little more complex.

New York is one of the few states that allows other parties to hold a line in voting booth.  It’s not unusual for a Republican to court the Conservative party line.  The election totals add the votes that candidate garners on all party lines.  Al D’Amato, George Pataki, and Rudy Gulianni all won with their names on the Conservative party line as our friend Erick has already pointed out.


Now, with Dede out it allows us red state bulldogs to wonder.  Is the tide finally turning?  Have the moderates finally taken notice that they cannot survive without us?  Time will only tell.  Our message is winning out and that message is one that resonates with voters.  The time is now to step up our efforts.

Hoffman is now the choice of both Conservatives AND Republicans.  It’s just peculiar how the Republicans are all falling into line.

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