2010 Reasons to Wonder about Florida Republicans

At a time when political contributions are weak the Republican Party of Florida headed by Jim Greer wants to limit candidates in the primaries.  But that begs the question, is that to save money or save the election for his favorites? 

Jim Greer a controversial party chief to say the least would have a hard time convincing the party faithful that he is going frugal.  Last year he was called out by many Republicans for his over-the-top spending on jets, cigars, spa treatments, and just the usual “party” spending.  Now it appears that he’s going to tighten his belt.  He’s going to show us that he has the Party’s best intentions in mind.

To prove it he’s working on a plan where the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) will endorse certain candidates that are more “electable” than others so that precious campaign funds would not be wasted.  The only problem with that plan is that apparently he’s the one who will decide electability.  Certainly Charlie Crist is more electable than Marco Rubio considering that Jim Greer got his State position through Charlie Crist.  And why would we as Republicans subject ourselves to the election process to determine electability when we could have our “party” chief decide for us?


“Greer has poven to be a useless waste of political space.  We all know of his lack of support for Republican candidates last year.  Chairman Greer couldn’t even send a letter of support for anyone.  He is simply useless.”  Writes Javier Manjarres of Red County.  http://www.redcounty.com/florida-gop-circus-may-be-losing-bozo-clown-congress 

Now I’m not sure I would use those words since I try to live by the Regan mantra of “speak no evil of your Republican opponent.”  However, I am not sure I would be as gracious as Ronnie if I were Alan West.

Alan West is a former Lieutenant Colonel in the Army who after dedicating his life to serving his country retired and again committed to serving his country by running for congress.  Last year he ran against a freshman Democrat congressman and got no support from the RPOF and Jim Greer to the dismay of Alan West’s supporters.  http://www.allenwestforcongress.com/about_allen.php

It leaves one wondering is it the party funds he’s trying to save or particular candidates?