Remaking Republicans

There is a movement in place to “remake who we are as Republicans.”  It began after the disatrous presidential election where the Republican candidate got hooked on the ploy that the Democrat candidate was going to change the tone in Washington.  Remember the “there’s no Republican or Democrat America, no black or white America, only one America.”  And “we going to reach accross the aisle and change the way things are done in Washington.”  While John McCain was flapping around caught like a little sunny on a fish hook of nonsense he chose as his running mate a woman who didn’t play that game, who doesn’t fall for the lies.  He couldn’t keep her from throwing granades across the aisle and in the end she was the stronger candidate.

Being a U.S. Senator and knowing how to work with U.S. Pravda (my term for the media), McCain used his operatives to trash Sarah.  He didn’t understand that she had her finger on the pulse of the grassroots Republican.  She understood the issues that get us all riled up.  Of course she is not as sophiticated as those who attend the presidential gala at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, ah but what commoner has that level sophistication?

Then we have the “Remaking Conferences” those made for Pravda events that reiterate the downfall of the Republican Party.  Those party sucide conferences explore the possibility that conservative thought is a wanning idea.  We must learn to accept illegal immigrants, accept government over-spending, accept the one world economy based on socialism, but called it social-lite, as if it were a beer product that was better for you.  They trot out the new faces of the Republican Party, Jeb Bush, and Bobby Jindal, and Eric Cantor, and Governor Mark Sanford, oops!

Then Pravda U.S. gets to analyze what it is that is needed to “make the Republican Party meaningful again?”  If I have to listen to Chis Matthews, a former staff member of a Democrat President and possible Democrat candidate for Senate, tell me what I need to know as a Republican I am going to vomit.  Yet, this is who gets the “time” as talking heads on the idiot tube.  Even the so called Republican pundants can’t speak without choking on their feet.  Carl Rove, Joe Scarborough, Peggy Noonan and their talking head ilk, are quick to grab pay for their uninteresting and uninfromed opinions.  Maybe they get their ideas at the cocktail parties at the Kennedy Center they certainly don’t get them from republican parties.  There’s only one thing they can do to help “remake’ the Republican Party” JUST SHUT UP!!!

We Republicans understand that the media in the United States is not an exercise in free speech it is a pattern of propaganda that repeats the same tire old mantras of social-progressive thought.  It’s better not to participate in it so that they may fail, and they are failing.  How long can they prop up Obermann and his fifteen viewers?  If you want to exchange thoughts on politics this web site is a much better forum than the Cable News shows that cater to the American Idol crowd.  This site needs to grow.

We need to get writers in each state to contribute their thoughts, to exchange ideas, to rally the cause, to enlighten others about up-and-comers within the party.  I am from Florida.  I will commit to this site every day.  How about you?  Look for the Florida tag line.  I’ll see you here.

We don’t need to remake the party, we just have to get the message out.  Because in the end, our message is better than theirs.